Outdoor Pool Table Felt Type for Durable Cloth

When looking for a good outdoor billiard table, checking the outdoor pool table felt is probably the most important thing that you need to do. The felt is the most important part of a pool table. It is a name given to the playing area of the game; most of the time, the felt will be colored green.

If you bought a billiard table with bad felt, the gaming experience will reduce significantly. That is why you need to be detailed when checking out this part. Unfortunately, for an outdoor table; things are a little more complex and complicated.

Outdoor Pool Table Felt

Outdoor pool table felt info and guide for suitable type

Why is the felt for an outdoor pool table more complex? The answer lies on the fact that outdoor furniture tends to get damaged due to exposure to outdoor environment. The main difference between indoor pool table pelt and outdoor pool table felt lies on its durability and smoothness. Here are some things that you need to know about the outdoor pool table and its parts:
  • The felt affect the power and spin of the balls, thus it will get damaged if you use it frequently. So when buying an outdoor pool table, you need to find one with durable felt depending on the frequency of you using the table.
  • When buying an outdoor pool table, try choosing one that use slate. Slated pool table will not warp.
  • There are various outdoor pool table cloth types out there with acrylic fabric with marine grade being the most common. This type of fabric is very durable, thus is used for many outdoor pool tables. Unfortunately, the surface is not as smooth as the indoor one.
  • Always check the tightness of the felt before buying. If you want your outdoor pool table to last longer, pick one with a tighter weaves. It has a lot more durability and takes a lot force to get damaged.
  • Remember that no matter how durable the felt of your outdoor pool table is, it will show signs of damage sooner or later. This is why you should save some money that is going to be used to replace the felt once it gets severely damaged. The most common types of damage for a pool table is the white colored burns commonly known as “bruises”.
  • Because an outdoor pool table is going to be placed outside of your house, it is important for you to buy an outdoor pool table cover for protection. The cover is a must have extra if you do not plan to bring your pool table inside whenever you do not feel like using it.
You should also consider several other extras that are not significantly important, one big example is the lights. For those of you who love playing billiards at night, an outdoor pool table with light is recommended. But in the end, whatever extras that you want to pick, remember that pick only extras that will not damage your outdoor pool table felt.

Indoor Outdoor Pool Table Difference and Information

Do you know that there is indoor outdoor pool table? That is right; there are two major types of billiard table out there and they are different from one another. The difference is not just limited to one is placed outside of your house and the other one is located inside.

There are more differences than that especially on the details and materials. Frankly speaking, when you are about to buy a pool table, you need to be sure. Try checking what kind of pool table that you are buying. An outdoor table cannot perform well inside, and the indoor pool table will get ruined very easily if you place it outside.

Indoor Outdoor Pool Table

How to Differentiate Indoor outdoor pool table

So, beside the placement and location of the stuffs, what more are the differences between these two types of pool table? To help you avoid the mistake of buying wrong type of table, here is the simple guide to differentiate the indoor and the outdoor table:

The frames use different material

The indoor pool table usually uses wooden material; it is easy to work with and looks very good. Unfortunately, it can get damaged easily, thus if you see a pool table with wooden fame, then it’s an indoor table. Meanwhile, for the outdoor one, they are using a lot more durable material. Aluminum is one of the most common materials; you can also find one with stainless steel.

The playing field is the most significant differences

The major materials that made up the playing field of a pool table are a slate and a felt. But the slate and felt for indoor and outdoor are different. Indoor pool table has very smooth playing field due to the felt it uses, so it can generate more power and spin. Meanwhile, the outdoor pool table felt is not as smooth, but it is a lot more durable. It will not gather dust; and if it is, the dust can be easily cleaned.

The extras

You could also get a lot of accessories and decorations for your billiard table. But the amounts of different accessories available are different for an indoor table and an outdoor table. Outdoor pool table gets a lot of extras compared to the indoor one, and most of the extras are for protection. For example is a cover cloth which is an essential to get for an outdoor pool table. Lightning is also an essential extra for an outdoor table.

Actually you could essentially convert indoor pool table outdoor by making a new frame made up from aluminum or stainless steel and change the slate plus the felt. Unfortunately, it will cost you a lot of money and will takes too much times.

But in the positive note, you will be able to customize it as much as you want. And with that, this indoor outdoor pool table guide ends with all of the information we give you. We hope you will be able to differentiate between the two different table types.